The Math Problem

As mentioned in My Last Entry, and another entry earlier, I had a hard time in my Math 99 class. While I had a 101% in that class prior to the final, I didn’t do very well on the final, being able to answer only 62% of the questions. That was the most I had hoped to achieve, which would pass me, but not with an A. Once she posted the weight of the final – though hadn’t put in the test scores (so basically just marked 0% until she got them graded), it dropped my grade from a 101% to a 73%. That was the weight of the final.

Granted, even if I failed it, I would still be passing the class, yes? Well, between my midterm (that I got a 90% on) and my final, I had to average 70% between the two of them, and get an overall grade of 73% to pass the class. I have been nervous for days. I have been so nervous and upset, in fact, that I emailed my student counselor asking what actions I could take. I feel like we weren’t given the proper tools to be prepared for the difficulty level of that test, and it was unfair. I’d actually like to see how other students fared as well, though no one’s speaking on the forum any more.

Late last night, finally, the grade was posted.


I got a 75% on my Final. That is the lowest grade I have gotten on a test since I’ve returned to school. Yet some how, magically – it resulted in a 93% overall grade??? I’m not complaining, not one bit – especially since in the math department, a 92% or higher constitutes as an A. But how the hell I did it, I have no idea.

I am grateful. Very, very grateful.


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