A College Woman’s Finals Survival Kit

Boy Howdy do I wish I had seen this last week, or even the week before. Thanks With Love, Kaci Michelle for the tips! I’ll give them a go (with the exception of the X-mas movies, that is) next quarter!

With Love, Kaci Michelle

Finals can be like Hell on Earth for a solid two weeks. I mean is “dead” week even really “dead?” Although finals are never really fun, the following things have made it a little more bearable for me.

1. A Desk/The Library

Do yourself a favor and clean off your desk (because we all know that half the time it just becomes another table to set stuff on or a makeup vanity). After you do that, study at your desk! The library works as well; study anywhere but your bed. I also like to switch up my study places because it keeps me from getting too bored and I find it easier to retain the information.

2. Green Tea 

Instead of downing copious amounts of coffee filled with sugar and syrups, and topped with whipped cream, invest in some green tea. It’s delicious hot or iced, and it supplies you…

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