Of Course I’m Stuck!


Today I am at 1,349 3,849, trying to catch up. The goal is an average of 1,667 words per day, so today I should be up to 3,334 5,001 (ish).

Yesterday rendered me completely unable to write anything due to work schedule and prior obligations (though I don’t entirely count seeing a live show as an obligation, just something planned well in advance). So today I have been scrambling to catch up.

The good news is that in years passed, page 6 has always been the farthest I’ve been able to get to before hitting the writer’s block. And I haven’t hit it yet at page 7 – nearly 8! I assure you, this is worth celebrating.

However, the bad news is that I am just bored with the scene. I could skip over parts, but I’m afraid that if I don’t continue on in a linear fashion then I won’t make my goal, and I’ll hit writer’s block much faster. So I write a bunch of non-subsequent scenes that I’ll a) get lost, or b)run into my Nanowrimo demise sooner than my 50,000-word goal.

I’m still working on it, I’ll see if I can push through the boredom of the scene.


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