Could We Be Thinking and Creating Less?

In a weird, round-about way i wrote a paper about how creativity contributing to our evolving concept of what Humanism is – or rather, what it means to be Human. I used excerpts from British Literature throughout the centuries to make my point as to how the question has evolved and how the mentality has evolved as well.
Holding true to a creative nature is extremely important. If we aren’t able to do this then we lose that thinking-out-of-the-box mentality which contributes to our advancement.
Part way through writing the paper I decided it needed to be an argument for why the arts need to remain in schools and have a heavier stress than they do now, but once I hit the 14 page mark and it was one in the morning, I decided I would weave that argument in at a later date.
The world has many problems right now – hunger, energy, unjust politics, human rights, animal rights, planetary rights – and the only way we’re going to get out of these things is through those creative minds that we’re squelching.

Creative Ideas for Starving Artists

I read an article, over the weekend that argued, convincingly, that human progress has ground to a halt.  The age of breakthroughs appears to be over.  We seem to be creating, but only the most trivial, derivative things.  Here is the article and I recommend reading it:

I’m somewhat persuaded by the argument, because of what it takes for creative breakthroughs to happen.  Like a garden, breakthrough creativity requires certain conditions for it to flourish and it must be carefully tended, in order for the fruits to blossom.  The article seems to have missed these obvious reasons why progress may have been stifled, in recent times.

Firstly, fertile ground for creative ideas is an environment where you’re free to explore seemingly crazy ideas.  For that, you need some privacy.  You also need some degrees of freedom, in your life, to enable you to pursue those wild and crazy notions…

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