Indecision and an Update

Starting word count of the day: 5,327
Current Word count of the day: 7,707
Goal for end of the day: 8,335
And for those of you following my plot direction quest (I need your Help!) – I still haven’t decided if she’s remembered or not. I’ve started writing both to see which one inspires me more, but I’m still struggling as there’s a lot of good directions both can take.


Paper 6: Being a Scholar of Writing Center Studies

This is a great post. I personally felt the same way about Writing Centers before I started working there. So many people lump the Writing Center with the Math Center – it’s just a place for tutoring. But we’re not tutors, we’re Readers, we look at the writing of our peers from an outside perspective. It’s not about fixing grammar, spelling and punctuation (unless it skewers the message), but about the content. It’s about encouraging students to think outside of the box, to not get hung up on structure, and to develop ideas on paper.
Thank you, “It’s Pronounced Fay-Lee” for this post. I think it will be very beneficial for writers, students, peers, and writing-center staff.

It's Pronounced Fay-Lee

To start this reflection, I want to first think about my own development with regards to writing centers. As an undergraduate student, I suffered from the misconceptions that plague many writing centers. I saw the writing center as a place for “bad writers” to get help and assumed that this wasn’t the place for me. I didn’t even venture into the writing center at my college until my senior year, and this was only an act of sheer desperation as I had no idea how to tackle a personal statement for a graduate school application. I was pleasantly surprised how much I got out of meeting with a writing tutor, though. We had a real conversation about what the purpose of the writing was and what I wanted to express within it. Just the act of talking through my ideas with someone and getting immediate thoughtful feedback made me more…

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Inspiration – Vision in form of an elephant

Thi is what I do when I want inspiration – I love this show, by the way.

This is a scene from Black Books, a british comedy, where they have a bet with their friend about whether or not they can write a Children’s Book in a night. They get horrendously drunk, and Bernard pumps out a thousand page novel with these amazing characters with great back stories before turning it all into an elephant. I assure you it’s worth your time.

“They all drink lemonade….The end!”

Negative Nancy Night Owls

Well, that might not be fair to say. However, in a study at Bingham University, it was found that going to bed later can enhance negative thoughts throughout the day. For someone like me that doesn’t do well in the winter due to the Seasonal Affective Disorder, I need all the help I can get with these darkening winter evenings. I also know quite a few people that stay up late simply because it’s quieter then and they can get more stuff done without being disturbed.

So, for the late night college student, for the all-night worker, for the high-school-mentality-my-parents-can’t-dictate-when-I-go-to-bed rebel, this one’s for you.

People are said to have repetitive negative thinking when they have bothersome pessimistic thoughts that seem to repeat in their minds without the person feeling as though he or she has much control over these contemplations. They tend to worry excessively about the future, delve too much in the past and experience annoying intrusive thoughts. Such thoughts are often typical of people suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, major depressive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder and social anxiety disorder. These individuals also tend to have sleep problems.”

See full article Here: Don’t Worry, Be Happy; Just Go To Bed Earlier