The Reality of Humanism

This is a piece I have been working on examining the evolution of the idea of Humanism through British Literature. The question first began being asked during the the Middle Ages, and has continued on to the evolution of questioning Reality in its place. This is the journey of how that question went from what it meant to simply being human to what is consciousness and how does it apply to the outside world.

“The question of Humanism has slowly evolved through time, or rather, the different viewpoints have been analyzed. From the understanding that life is short, and adopting the Carpe Diem mentality of not allowing time or moments or experiences go to waste; to the belief that it was Reason that was the key to greatness and the defeat of ignorance; to the realization of the vastness beyond the human self, and being humbled by the sublime; we have pulled together pieces of the puzzle to attempt to create an answer.”

Read more of The Reality of Humanism


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