Deleting Racist Friends from Facebook

In the wake of Police brutality going without justice for the victims, in the wake of the debate of the issues being due to racism or not – there are of course a lot of people showing their true colors. All over Facebook there are people coming out with shocking remarks in many different directions – and a lot of peoples’ friends lists are getting shortened.

Even the Huffington Post has been publishing articles about deleting racist friends. There are memes about people keeping Facebook friends from high school only to realize they’re racist -or whatever. Do we need those people in our lives?

I believe that people interact with people have have two opportunities presented to them: to teach and to learn. Does that mean preach? Good God – No! However, by deleting people that have opinions which differ from your own, you’re just perpetuating the intolerance. If you care about a person – you accept them for who they are, and their background and beliefs make them who they are. Does it make it ok to be racist/homophobic/sexist/bigoted in any way? Of course not! However, love is spread with love, not by dismissal.

Hate, misunderstanding, love, prejudice, fear – they’re all paths a person walks down through life, and they are given countless opportunities to learn from them, to overcome obstacles, and grow as a spiritual being. By deleting people that clearly have hate and/or fear in them, you’re denying an opportunity for them to grow.

By showing compassion, you can spread compassion.

Accomplishments and Goals

Live to Write - Write to Live

Last night I gave a presentation on Accomplishments and Goals. We reviewed our accomplishments from 2014 and set goals for 2015.

I asked my participants to make a list of 50 accomplishments from 2014.

You might be thinking, but I didn’t accomplish 50 things in 2014.

I bet you did. I bet you accomplished many more than 50 things.

In order to get people thinking, I wrote a list of categories on the white board, with heading such as Body and Wellness, and Creativity and Learning (lifted directly from Danielle LaPorte’s book, The Desire Map, which I’ve written about before.) Under each heading were a number of different categories.

Look for any list of categories to help you come up with your own list of accomplishments.

After we’d made our lists of 50 accomplishments, we spent the rest of the evening talking about and clarifying our goals for…

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Word count Update Again

I’m shocked that I’m keeping up with my delayed NaNoWriMo. There was a day or two where I was lagging a bit, but I’m slightly – ever so slightly ahead of the game.

I started on December 5th, seeing as I was needing the quarter/finals to end before I got into any project requiring my attention. And now, 7 days into it, I should be at 11,669 words. Not only have I reached that, but at this moment, I have just entered in my 11.901st word, putting me around 250 words into tomorrow’s goal.

Now, if we want, again, to count the words that I’ve been writing altogether that don’t necessarily go towards my novel-in-the-making, then I’ve got some 14-1500 words just in blogging, which really does get me past tomorrow’s word count goal.

However, it is National Novel Writing Month for a reason – the word count is meant to go towards writing a novel in 30 days. So onward I continue – simply being pleased that I’m writing so much at all!

Who knew that I could find satisfaction in a five-week vacation during my most loathed time of the year!

One week of winter break down, four more to go.

Lenormand and Writing

“Art Nouveau Oracle Deck” Lenormand style cards Published by Lo Scarabeo Torino, Italy

Recently a very dear tarot-reading friend of mine introduced me to the Lenormand style cards. I was intrigued. While I too read tarot (I used to be alright at it, but have lost my touch a bit these days – and am nowhere near as talented as my friend). Tarot has been a useful tool for me in my emotional, spiritual, and creative growth. I use it when I need to know things that are hidden within my subconscious, need to understand a situation, or need help with characters.

The Lenormand style has 36 cards, unlike the tarot which has 78, and each card in a layout is very heavily dependant on its surrounding cards. It’s fascinating to me. It is like learning a new language – learning the words and how their meanings change in context.

So I treated myself the other day. I went into the shop my friend works at and fell in love with the Art Nouveau Oracle.

Now, both my friend and I have never been into oracles….they’re too unstructured. This is great for some, and a lot of people really connect with a deck and love the free form of it, or connect with the specific way the artist intended for the deck to be read. That’s fine. I have always understood Oracles to not follow a straight-forward structure. That being said, I’m not sure how much the Lenormand can be considered an oracle, since it is a structured style of reading, and many decks have been made in the Lenormand image.

I’m still learning to use them, still learning to think in the broader way of the cards, and all the while falling in love with them. Though it has been interesting. Since I’ve had them and been shuffling them and trying to learn them, I’ve been having extremely vivid dreams. The beauty of it all is that it’s been lending inspiration to my writing. From everything from the dreams to the cards, it has definitely been directing my writing.

As mentioned earlier, I have been after you, the reader’s help in trying to decide a certain thing about a character. Still unable to make up my mind on how to continue on, I called up my very dear tarot reader friend. She has known me better than i have known myself over the past 12 years, and usually by talking to her I can sort out whatever is going on in my head. I began telling her little vague bits about my characters, and she began pulling tarot cards. It was shocking how on the ball they were. She began telling me things about my characters that I already knew, and about paths I’d already decided for them. The cards told her about them simply by listening to me.

It really did help, she pulled some more cards that told me more about the characters -again, that I already knew, but didn’t realize how those aspects could direct where the characters would go. Between the two of us, we figured out what would happen, whether she would remember or not, as well as how things would unravel for each aspects.

Divination can be a spectacular tool for writing – especially tarot/lenormand/oracle.