Accomplishments and Goals

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Last night I gave a presentation on Accomplishments and Goals. We reviewed our accomplishments from 2014 and set goals for 2015.

I asked my participants to make a list of 50 accomplishments from 2014.

You might be thinking, but I didn’t accomplish 50 things in 2014.

I bet you did. I bet you accomplished many more than 50 things.

In order to get people thinking, I wrote a list of categories on the white board, with heading such as Body and Wellness, and Creativity and Learning (lifted directly from Danielle LaPorte’s book, The Desire Map, which I’ve written about before.) Under each heading were a number of different categories.

Look for any list of categories to help you come up with your own list of accomplishments.

After we’d made our lists of 50 accomplishments, we spent the rest of the evening talking about and clarifying our goals for…

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