Deleting Racist Friends from Facebook

In the wake of Police brutality going without justice for the victims, in the wake of the debate of the issues being due to racism or not – there are of course a lot of people showing their true colors. All over Facebook there are people coming out with shocking remarks in many different directions – and a lot of peoples’ friends lists are getting shortened.

Even the Huffington Post has been publishing articles about deleting racist friends. There are memes about people keeping Facebook friends from high school only to realize they’re racist -or whatever. Do we need those people in our lives?

I believe that people interact with people have have two opportunities presented to them: to teach and to learn. Does that mean preach? Good God – No! However, by deleting people that have opinions which differ from your own, you’re just perpetuating the intolerance. If you care about a person – you accept them for who they are, and their background and beliefs make them who they are. Does it make it ok to be racist/homophobic/sexist/bigoted in any way? Of course not! However, love is spread with love, not by dismissal.

Hate, misunderstanding, love, prejudice, fear – they’re all paths a person walks down through life, and they are given countless opportunities to learn from them, to overcome obstacles, and grow as a spiritual being. By deleting people that clearly have hate and/or fear in them, you’re denying an opportunity for them to grow.

By showing compassion, you can spread compassion.


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