When The Jobs and Unemployment Run Out

When I file for unemployment on Sunday, it’ll be my last week. I will have run out. This is making me nervous. I of course have backup – I work for the Writing Center at the college and I still work for Gothberg Farms selling goat cheese. Both of these jobs pay once a month, and usually the check is around $350. $700 is totally enough for me to cover my bills and live on (especially since I’m not paying rent and living with my mother – though I do have two credit card bills and a large phone bill that I’m still contracted to carry out). I’m good at budgeting my money, but without that weekly supplement, I’m getting nervous.

And in all actuality, my Gothberg Farms check is about to drop to less than $88 a month – at least until April. As of December 20th, the Farmer’s Market has closed for the winter, now only opening on the third Saturday of the month. I’m currently looking for other work in the mean time, while still trying to find something that isn’t going to stress me out and take my attention away from school. Rhonda has been very supportive, a wonderful, wonderful employer. She has offered to set up in-store demos to get me more hours, which was really kind of her. I encourage anyone that is in the Snowhomish, Skagit, Whatcom counties area to try and work for her. Gothberg Farms is an amazing work environment. However, that being said, seasonal work drives me INSANE. It’s part of the reason why I left Wales when I did. I worked in a tiny little village that was all touristy and I couldn’t handle the ups and downs of the work season. It was too much.

Granted, I do also have the writing center. It’s going to be until February that I get a good check from them. The check due to arrive in January has I believe 4 hours on it. I’m almost inclined to tell them to keep the paper it’s written on. Of course, because the school gave us all a five week break (which has been driving me nuts as well), there was no Writing Center work.

Thankfully, my unemployment is lasting straight through to the last week of my Winter break, which is something. After that I should in theory have a little bit of money after I pay for books and the like from my FAFSA to get me through until I have my next pay check. It’s all something.

Winters are sparse and stressful. But the good news is that the sun is shining, the air is crisp, the year is new, and the days are getting longer.


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