A little relief

I really had to remind myself this morning that the apprehension I’ve been feeling toward this quarter is actually a result of other external and internal stresses. I have been helping other people coping with some of their personal traumas, and it has raised some of my own things I haven’t really dealt with yet. As a result, the idea of this quarter has been pretty overwhelming, as I have mentioned in entries passed.

However, that being said, it is reaffirmed that I can do this. So far I have had my French 122 class and my Math 141. French was just a relief simply because of the familiar faces and knowledge of the teacher. I really enjoyed my French teacher last quarter, and look forward to another quarter with her.

My math teacher I haven’t directly had before, but I have sat in on her classes. During the Summer quarter, she taught the class right before my math class that another of my friends was in. When it came close to exam times, she was kind enough to let me sit in on those classes with my friend to get some extra practice in. I think she quite liked me. She kept giving my friend extra work sheets to pass along to me when I wasn’t there. I look a little bit different this quarter than I did then – even students in my French class that are friends with me on Facebook didn’t recognize me (amazing the difference a new hair cut can make), so I doubt that two quarters later she’s recognized me. Either way, I am familiar with her style, and look forward to the quarter with her.

I have one my class for the day, Linguistics. I am pretty thrilled about it, now that it’s getting down to it. I had a look at the the text book in the student store (which all I can do is look since my Financial Aid hasn’t come in yet), and it doesn’t look anywhere near as terrifying as it does online. I think I can do this.

The good news is that i have no text books for my fourth class, my Honors Humanities class, and also that I can keep using my French Text book from last quarter. The bad news is that I do need to buy a new math book, and I can’t use a hand-me-down from other students that have taken the class previously, since they’ve just changed to the new book this quarter.

Tomorrow will be a different day, and most likely more trying. I won’t have this lavish three hour break that I had today. I have ten minutes between French and Math, ten minutes between Math and my shift in the Writing Center, and no time whatsoever between my writing center shift and linguistics, ten minutes between Linguistics and my honors class, and straight from my Honors class to Phi Theta Kappa meeting – to which I’ll be a half an hour late. That is a day starting at 8:15 and ending at 5pm. Long school day.

Wish me luck!


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