Stressed and it hasn’t even started

I have ot faced a quarer with as much fear as I do this one. I would like to say I don’t know why and that I’m being silly wit my aprehension of the upcoming day,  but it’s not true.

I’m afraid because as my schedule stands with my classes and my Writing Center work schedule, the only day I have any time off during my time on campus is on Wednesdays, when I have a three hour break between Math and Linguistics, and then another hour and a half between Linguistics and the meetings in the Writing Center. Otherwise, I am constantly scheduled from 8:15-3:30, except for Thursdays which extends to 5.

Im worried because I only have one ten minute break which allows me to get from point A to point B, which dsn’t leave me any time to eat, or nap, or do homework.

I don’s think I have ever gone into a quarter this stressed out before.


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