The Saving Grace of the Quarter

I survived my super long day. It wasn’t too terribly bad.

However, it was day two, after the first day of having homework in all of my classes. This morning the day started with two quizzes – on in French 122 and my math class. Thankfully there was no quiz in my Linguistics class.

It was my first shift back in the Writing Center for the quarter. I was asked to sit in for an interview to replace a couple staff that left for their next adventure. It was interesting. I’ve never been on the interviewer side of the interview. It was interesting to see how it worked, and try to be the friendly, encouraging face instead of the one stammering and sweating in the interviewee chair. I was honored to be asked to sit in, though I know that I was a back up since the original person knew the interviewee, thus couldn’t be in there. But still, I was next in line, so it was a bit of an ego stroke.

I think that my Honors Humanities class is going to be the thing that keeps me going this quarter – which sucks since I only have that class on Thursdays. I love my teacher already – she’s amazing. She’s lived in France, wants to help me in class with my own French and so will be speaking it to me – and she seems to have lived an eclectic and interesting life. I wanted to ask her if she writes books!

The class so far has focused more on the development of language than my Linguistics class has, which brings me into my main gripe: My Linguistics class is an Anthropology class. I don’t know why I didn’t think that Anthropology would be included since it falls under that department. But we listened to the lecture and so far have spoken about what fields of anthropology there are and how they all intermingle. For being in a class that should be making want to sing every time I step in there due to the subject matter – it’s dry as all hell. To be fair, it’s not my teacher’s fault. She’s lively and trying to get us excited about it, but even the term “anthropology” puts me off. I really should have known better.

But hopefully it’ll get better.

My math class so far lectures the way I like, very similarly to the days of my Math 97 class. I like the teacher. I’m just over and done with math. Thank goodness this is my last required quarter! Though, having said that, a friend of mine brought to my attention a math class that technically falls under the philosophy department…which I might end up having to check out. Numbers and philosophy – seriously up my alley.

French is…French. I still have a love for the language. However, it’s not a new class, so it’s not as exciting. I still love it, and still adore my professor, however, it’s nothing more than a continuation. I’ll eat my words soon, I’m sure.

I just need to keep focus on my Humanities class and Writing Center shifts, and I’ll get through the quarter. Then I’ll be free to do other exciting classes like Medicinal Plants of the North West, Environmental literature and so on. I miss my English classes.


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