Goddamn a lot of these sound pretty dry

While the writer says that these sound “pretty dry”, writing prompts are writing prompts, and inspiration strikes in some pretty random places. And thus I share, hoping to inspire.

Writing Practice

Sunday Prompt: Write down five different story ideas in 150 words or less. Generate these ideas from these five sources:

From a Conversation: A computer engineer is sent to teach an English class for the afternoon. She has not been briefed on what they are learning and finds that they know a lot more about the subject than she does. She tries using her own expertise and matching it to analysing literature, creating a new perspective on life for her and her students. (Inspired by a friends story about teaching sex ed when he had yet to have sex himself)

From Research: An obese shut-in decides to go on a diet. He’s sick of dieting fads and resolves to stop eating completely. Every day he creates a cocktail of vitamins, supplements, water, and a special chemical developed to help boost life expectancy. He drinks his slimy, oily substance throughout the…

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