Oh thank goodness

I think I’m getting a little bit of faith back in the quarter. I spent all day yesterday in my PJ’s, didn’t even brush my teeth, and just did homework. It was draining and tiring, and as I took a break to watch a show in which they all became the best of the best, I remember why I was doing this. I want to see how far I can go, see to what heights I can rise.

Thus, I stuck my nose in a book and trudged on.

Today was fine. I understood the math, I understood the French, and I even somehow managed to find a little bit of inspiration in regards to my Linguistics class. I think I found the little nugget of interest that can fuel me.

We were talking about the complexity of language, that it’s not just a matter of grammar and stringing vocabulary together. It’s a matter of the brain being able to construct sentences together that it has never heard before. It is constantly creating, making in an effort to find ways to communicate. Then we got into the debate as to if language influences thought or if culture influence thought, if language influences culture or if culture influences language.

This is running along the lines of psychology – and that is very interesting to me. So, I might have found my something to get me through this. Hopefully it will continue to be more of this and less of the drier stuff.

The week is starting off well, for all that I’m neglecting my homework at the moment because I was at school for 9 hours. Perhaps a nap, then homework.


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