Who Said ‘The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword’?

Interesting Literature

‘The pen is mightier than the sword’. The phrase has the ring of proverb about it, and most proverbs don’t have an author: they’re anonymous nuggets of wisdom handed down from generation to generation, part of an oral rather than written tradition. But we can actually trace ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ to a clear source – at least, in a sense.

The phrase came about in 1839 when it was invented by a nineteenth-century writer named Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton (1803-1873), in a play about Cardinal Richelieu. Bulwer-Lytton was himself a fascinating figure who would also gain notoriety for inventing the most laughably clichéd opening line in all of literature, as we revealed in a post on five fascinating facts about him. He would also inspire the name of the drink known as Bovril, as well as being offered the throne of Greece – quite an eventful life…

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Bogged Down

It’s kind of amazing. After last week of getting completely, unfuctionably drained, I’ve been very cautious about my actions and how much I take on. I’ve been paying more attention to how much I eat, what I eat, and when I eat (which I really should have been doing any way for how much I preach about nutrition), how much rest I get, and how I allot myself homework time.

My schedule, as mentioned before, it’s pretty insane so far this quarter. I have two classes on opposite sides of campus back to back, and I used the full ten minutes between each class to get to the other, and only just make it. My math teacher is a poor communicator in that she doesn’t tell us what chapter or module she’s lecturing on at the beginning of the class, and the home work that is posted online doesn’t have dates on it, so I really don’t know where we are. Thankfully, she did a recap yesterday and let us know what we had covered. I was quite grateful for that. I was two modules behind on homework, which she collects at random, so I can’t use that as a way of figuring out where we’re up to, either.

Ok, so this is from the Never Ending Story, but I feel it depicts accurately just how I’ve been feeling

I have been working every day in the Writing Center during my three hour break between classes. It’s been quiet, since there’s no assignments due so early in the quarter. Those writers I have read for were just wanting a once-over of their College letters for the Fall. However, we’ve been training and that’s been taking up some time, which is good. Once again, I have been working during my break every day except Wednesday. It too is on the opposite end of campus from the class before it. When that shift end, I march right back across campus to my last class, with fifteen minutes, at least, to get there. On Thursdays I have my fourth class ten minutes after my regular class which takes me until 4:30. So I am at school/work solid from 8:15-4:30.

I know, I completely understand – I used to work 12 and 13 hour days, this is nothing – I know. I can hear my past self telling me to quit my whining. But it is completely different in school. You’re not doing one task. You’re switching gears every couple of hour, as well as hauling a 30lb backpack all over the place. It’s very mentally straining. My brain goes from French to Math to writing to Historical Language –  and then I get home and have to do the homework which takes me back to all of those things again. It’s exhausting – and I’m only getting paid for three hours of it.

Any way, The moral of my story – of my whining really – is that yesterday I got all caught up on my Math homework, thanks to my Wednesday of not working during my three hour break. Granted, it took the entire three hours just to do the one module, but last night’s homework was pretty short in comparison, so I was able to get through it in half the time.

I cannot wait to be done with math. Don’t get me wrong – I have complete respect for numbers, I love their team effort and it’s fun to understand their language, but I need a break.!

Locked out of my blog

Well, it’s not fully my blog. I started another blog with another couple of people. This morning I went to write a post, and it said it wasn’t my blog! When I clicked to find details, all it said that was the WordPress was concerned with some of the content of the blog. I cannot for the life of me think what I posted in there that would have been concerning. The one thing maybe that could have been counted towards questionable content would be a couple articles I shared, or other blog posts (one of which the original blogger even hit the “like” button), in which I summarized the content of it, though at the end of each I believe I wrote that I strongly suggested the reader read the original content in full, and linked it back.

It is a blog about the occult, about crystals, about paganism. And I know full well that is allowed on here since I follow a fair few magical, pagan, occulty blogs myself. So, if this turns out to be something against that, I hope I will have every one’s support as I raise hell!

Though, that being said, I’m sure it’s nothing, just some hang up in the system. 🙂