Locked out of my blog

Well, it’s not fully my blog. I started another blog with another couple of people. This morning I went to write a post, and it said it wasn’t my blog! When I clicked to find details, all it said that was the WordPress was concerned with some of the content of the blog. I cannot for the life of me think what I posted in there that would have been concerning. The one thing maybe that could have been counted towards questionable content would be a couple articles I shared, or other blog posts (one of which the original blogger even hit the “like” button), in which I summarized the content of it, though at the end of each I believe I wrote that I strongly suggested the reader read the original content in full, and linked it back.

It is a blog about the occult, about crystals, about paganism. And I know full well that is allowed on here since I follow a fair few magical, pagan, occulty blogs myself. So, if this turns out to be something against that, I hope I will have every one’s support as I raise hell!

Though, that being said, I’m sure it’s nothing, just some hang up in the system. 🙂


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