Vote Hemp 2015 Hemp Calendar Fundraiser

Hemp should be supported for so many reasons!

The Hemp Press


If you haven’t purchased your 2015 Calendar (do people still use paper calendars?), here is an opportunity to support the industrial hemp movement with a hemp paper calendar that celebrates the efforts of Kentucky’s hemp farmers. Please support if you can!


Here’s to an amazing 2015 and wishing you all a “SUPER HEMPY 2015!!!”

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Word Press is not impressing me right now

I’m sorry WordPress but it must be said – you have been getting on my nerves.

Yesterday there was a glitch in the system which didn’t allow me access into my other blog in which there was “questionable content”. They finally got back to me earlier in the afternoon and said that shouldn’t have happened and remedied it. Fine.

I found a post last night that I thought was great about writing 10,000 words in a day – perfect to reblog to here. I accidentally reblogged to the wrong blog – the one I was having problems with yesterday, which had nothing to do with writing at all. I went to attempt to reblog from the original post onto here, but apparently I can’t reblog to two different blogs. So I went to the one I accidentally reblogged to and tried to reblog it from there. A message came up saying I couldn’t do that. So I deleted the accidental reblog and tried to reblog again from the original post. Nope. Still can’t reblog.

So I decided to write a post summarizing and sharing the link. I wrote a whole thing, and found another article along the same lines. I went to snag an image related to the two, and link it and have a caption – first the image wouldn’t show so I had to reinsert it. Then it put it in the wrong spot. It wouldn’t let me move it to where I wanted it. I saved the draft and reloaded the page. All but the last two paragraphs of my writing was gone. The image was there, but the rest of it gone. I thought it was just a glitch with the page loading, so I went another rout to see my post. Nope, it’s gone, lost in the cyber Abyss.

I’m really getting heated with this temper right now. Considering switching to another blogging platform if this malarkey continues.