Dropped Class

I dropped my first class without replacing it. Tomorrow is the deadline to drop a class without getting a W (for withdraw) on the transcripts. It was my Linguistics class. I know, it’s pretty ironic seeing as that was the one I was looking forward to the most.

This quarter has been extremely hard on me. I decided to go onto AgileGrad (a program through the school’s website that uploads the credits and classes I’ve taken, calculates what credits I need, and gives me a list of classes that fall under those requirements, as well as the teacher and times they’re offered, if available) and figure out just what classes I needed to take that were required.

I played around with it and found out that despite what a counselor had told me when I was asking him about my quandary (whether or not I should be sensible and take Environmental Science or the one I wanted to take, Linguistics), the class didn’t count towards any of my requirements. So, moments ago, I dropped it.

I felt bad, so I emailed my teacher. I let her know that it wasn’t her (although it was a little bit – not enough to be the sole reason, but like 5%), and that I was interested in the subject matter (which was true, it was starting to get juicy), but that I just had too much on my plate. We submitted on Thursday a proposal for our research paper that is due at the end of the quarter. I wanted to do mine on the language of religion, talking about the affects of certain words on people and the language surrounding religions that have essentially created entire sub cultures – for example, the pagan community, and the subbranches within. I asked her if she’d had a chance to look at it and what she thought. I told her it was a paper I wanted to write one day, regardless.

I think it’s a good practice to email and let your teachers know what’s going on. Sure I don’t have to see her again, but I do also work as a member of Whatcom Community College staff, and there is the chance that I might run into her. This way I can know that I was adult about it, and not skulk.


It’s a good thing that I did go for Linguistics this quarter though. The Environmental Science class was scheduled for the same time as the Linguistics one. I wouldn’t have been able to drop it. And the whole reason I’m going insane is because I’m taking four classes, three of which are every single day and I only have ten minutes between each from 8:15-2:35 (including my shift in the Writing Center, but that can’t budge because I need to get paid!). If I only had two for two days that would make it easier even.

Lesson learned. I had a look at the rest of my classes, realized how many unnecessary classes I was taking. I went through and cleaned everything out. Turns out I can graduate at the end of Fall quarter of 2015 instead of Spring quarter 2016. That’s only three quarters away. Holy. Crap.


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