It will never be said I didn’t work hard for this

The last couple of days have been debatably productive. I’ve been running all over campus on my spare time, trying to catch certain people for certain bits of information so that I can find out exactly what I need in order to be an excellent candidate for whatever University I decide to transfer to.

After my annoying discussion with one of the advisers that I wrote about the other day, I was referred by one of my co-workers in the writing center to see the adviser that specializes in transfers to schools other than Western. I went to go set up that appointment only to find she was booked for the rest of the week, but was on “Drop-in” duty, and I could try and catch her after 3. So I made sure I was there and specifically waited for her. Unfortunately, this meant that she could only give me ten minutes of her time.

When I did manage to see her, she said that yes, she does specialize in transfers outside of Western, but not outside of Washington State. Because the country is so big and we have thousands of Universities, it’s impossible to come up with a transfer degree that fits the needs of all of them. So, really, she wasn’t much help. But she did say she was willing to make a go of it and see what she could do to help out, which was nice.

I needed to hunt down the guy in charge of the Honors program at WCC – who only has office hours after 4 – and find out if I can have all my honors classes in one subject, which is what both advisers said I should attempt since I still needed to meet some more Humanities requirements. I happened to see his door open today, and popped my head in, disturbing the poor man while he was eating. He said I could, though there was no guarantee that there would be Humanities offered every quarter in the Honors Program. However, what I can do, is arrange an honors style independent study. He gave me a card to yet another adviser I need to make an appointment with that specializes in learning contracts of this manner.

Separately, I looked up just what Durham University would require from me. I somehow stumbled upon something that said a representative would be in Seattle in April. AMAZING!!! The list of where she was only four locations long, and Seattle was one of the locations. Perfect! I emailed her, and she got back to me incredibly quickly. She wants to arrange a time to meet when her dates are finalized, and gave me a whole bunch of information as to what I would need to do. Basically, other than proving that I have a good GPA, I only need to focus on English in order to get into Durham. She said it sounded like I was on a good track to get in.

Furthermore, I found an organization called Overseas, which is a group of people in the US that represent the top 40 schools abroad that translate requirements for you, and help you, the American wanting to study abroad, figure out what everything means, the best way to apply, what your application should look like, and how to impress your school. I emailed them. I got an automated response promising that they would respond within 48 hours. I’m still waiting on that one.

In the meantime, I began looking at in-country universities as well, such as Columbia and Penn. State, since I’ve received invitations (for lack of a better term) from both of them. My French teacher had mentioned that some schools want you to have more than a year’s worth of foreign language before you transfer, and so I need to find out if second year French is for my own interest, of it contributes to my eligibility to get into other Universities. I didn’t find out too much, but I did end up getting distracted looking up Cambridge University.

That site was impossible to navigate. No, that’s not true, or fair. It was very determined that I choose what College of Cambridge University that I go to, and from there I decide what I need to get in, or something along those lines. Cambridge University, by the way, has 32 colleges. There’s no list of what one specializes in what thing, or what really makes any of them different from one another – other than their age and address. However, there was a list of all their websites I could explore. I went to one or two, and didn’t really find much other than the size of the college and how many students they accept per year. Very confusing/infuriating.

I suppose I don’t know too much more today than I did yesterday, other than what I need to get into Durham. Perhaps it’s a sign that Durham is where I need to be focusing my energy. Who knows. I have a year until I have to begin apply to schools to figure it out.


2 thoughts on “It will never be said I didn’t work hard for this

    • I keep telling myself that nothing’s worth doing if it doesn’t have a challenge. This is my challenge – trying not to bang my head against the wall until it cracks (though I’d love to take bets as to which would crack first, my head or the wall)


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