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This evening, while procrastinating getting caught up on French and Math (I am constantly behind in both, but still keeping afloat *famous last words*), I decided to respond to the email I finally got back from Across the Pond – the Partnership program that helps American students apply for school in the UK.

Since the email I got was excruciatingly long, it took me a while to give it the just attention it deserved – well, I say that, but really it was full of assumptions that I was still in high school. I shouldn’t have resented that assumption, but I did. After all, aren’t the majority of students applying straight out of high school? So I had to write a long winded email correcting this assumption, letting them know that I was a 4.0 student, a member of Phi Theta Kappa, in the college’s Honors Program, and a member of the Writing Center staff as well – just to put everything in perspective.

I had to set them up somewhat in response the latter half of their email, which listed all the schools in the UK that would best fit my interests. They asked me to pick five schools and that we would go from there. Every school I picked had a note next to it stating that it was of Ivy League quality. It took a lot of research. Some of the websites that were provided with the school’s information were just difficult to navigate – something that hasn’t changed much since I was university hunting in high school.

However, here is a list, with links, of schools that I’m looking at, as well as reasons that caught my eye (I won’t lie, I don’t know too much of what I’m looking for, and I’m only giving it half my focus this evening).

In no particular order….

There’s a lot to think about. These are just schools in the UK. I need to consider more local schools as well. I recently found out that University of Washington isn’t a bad school – it’s one of the better public schools, and I wouldn’t have to pay out of state tuition. That’s something to consider. As mentioned before, I’ve had suggestions from Columbia University and Penn. State, but I’ve also gotten emails from University of Tampa (no interest), Louisiana State University (no interest), and University of North Dakota (I haven’t looked into it). There’s options, and I need to remember that cost is only one factor. I don’t know that I’d be happy going to a school in the UK, I just know it’s cheaper, and I don’t want to live in Seattle (though it wouldn’t be the worst choice).

I still have another year before I have to start applying to Universities. But if I have a general aim now, then I can make sure that the classes I sign up for are beyond just the AA Transfer degree that’s designed for Washington State universities, and look into specifics that other universities might want – for example, two full years of foreign language, or further than Pre-Calculus.

While Whatcom has been helpful overall, their transfer advisers have not been. I need to take matters into my own hands and do my own leg work. Hopefully I’m doing it right.


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