Opportunities – but first, French

Today’s been an interesting day.

For the most part, since we’ve pleasantly been learning the past tense in French class, the majority of my thinking has been in French – mostly as a personal exercise to try and get the information in there better. But it’s so jolting when I find myself having to speak in English. Obviously, I’m in no way fluent in French, only in my second quarter of it, but I do try and use that which I know, and when I can’t think of something, I try and think in a French accent…because why not?

However, I’ve been trying to use the grammar I learn in French in the Writing Center, at least, to think of ways around obstacles that we get hung up on in general. However, I was thinking about ways to remember the masculine and feminine in French, and I’ve began, instead of looking at words individually, trying to consider the concept behind the logic that put these rules into place. For example, things that are beautiful concepts, such as liberty, seem to be feminine. Things that are powerful seem to be masculine, such as the brain. So then I’ve begun trying to look at it from a patriarchal standpoint of developing language. This has really helped me quite a bit, allowing me to consider what each thing represents on a conceptual basis – this is probably why the French are known for their philosophy, or at least a contributing factor.

I was in a conversation about this with another of my now former classmates from the Linguistics class I dropped, who’s also a fellow reader in the writing center. This lead into a whole other discussion about snakes, but it got a few of us thinking.

It was here that my attention was gained when a man came to the “reception” desk (for lack of a better term) asking for Nicola. The Lead (person who sits at said desk) asked if it was me that he was looking for. We began talking, and he asked if I knew a certain person. It turns out I did, and that he was in my group in my dreaded Communications class during summer quarter. He said that this person has referred him to me about video production.

I politely told him that I wasn’t involved in that any more, and that I wasn’t able to help him. Except that he wasn’t actually looking to hire on a crew – per Se. He’s starting a video production company as well as a filming club. It’s rather brilliant, really. He’s starting a club, which he’s asked me to be a member of, and then from there he’s starting a production company. I told him what little experience I had, that I didn’t think it was something I was interested in. He rejected my rejection! He told me that it seemed like I knew more than he did (doubtful) and that I had more experience than he does, and that it didn’t sound like I had lost the love of it, or something along those lines. He told me to think about it, that it’d start next quarter.

It’s definitely giving me something to think about. Video Production hasn’t always been my thing, but in my last experience, it was all input and there was no output. I was putting in a great deal of me and getting little, if anything, back, including encouragement or gratitude. This would be something that would pad my resume and show my versatility for my transfer degree.

There were elements that I liked. But I did feel a lot of pressure and expectation that overrode the little enjoyment I did get out of it. Who knows. I have two months to think about it.

I got an email again from the very nice lady from Durham I’ve been in contact with. She’s going to be in Seattle area in March, and we have now arranged a time to meet up and talk about how I get into Durham (or really, any UK school). I’m pretty excited for that as well.

There are definitely lots of doors opening for me!


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