I feel as though I’m faltering, like I’m not able to keep up. I got a D on my math test from Friday because the test was too long to finish in the allotted time – I’m one of the vast majority that didn’t have time to finish the test. I had my French midterm yesterday and for all that I felt like I prepared for it, I go to it and seemed to remember nothing.
My energy and drive is waning. This could be, in part, due to the season – but here in the Pacific Northwest spring is arriving so early. It’s light when I get home at 530, and the birds and frogs are out.
I wonder if I’ve burnt up all my energy, my drive. I wouldn’t be concerned if this weren’t the second time I was feeling this frustration in as many weeks.
I have to sign up for my classes for next quarter soon. I have a long list of more math classes and some sciences that I need to get out of the way. After this quarter’s math class, it seems daunting. It’s difficult now that I know that UK universities don’t necessarily need me to have my GED, they just want to know that I’m a good student. I’ve proven that in abundance, and am extremely tempted to just apply now and see what happens. Maybe I get in. Then I go to school in the UK in 6 months instead of 18.
Even the Writing Center is burning me out – and I love working there. But I do work there every single day of the week. I’m on Online-Response duty on the weekends too. It’s a 7- day week job. And my goat cheese gig is about to get a bit more Hoppin’, too. Come April the Farmer’s Market will be in full swing again, and it’ll only be a month after that the other Market starts up.
Well, I did anticipate this being a rough quarter.


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