Meet and Greet Universities

This weekend I’ll be heading down to Seattle for two reasons – to go to an informational seminar in for Columbia University and then maybe to take the General Studies Admissions Exam – though I’m not 100% certain on the latter.

I got an email the other day inviting me to go to the seminar. There’s actually two, one in Seattle and one a little bit further south at the Green River Community College. I’m thinking I might go to both. That way, if I leave the first one and realize I have questions after, then I can go and ask them at the second one.

Because it’s been more than eight years since I’ve taken the SATs, I need to take the General Studies Admissions Exam. This is similar to the SATs, and had I gotten the email sooner, I would have begun preparing for it. However, I only just started this weekend. Columbia’s website provides a link to the college board website which has daily SAT practice questions. You can practice math and the written portion of it as well. The non-math so far as proved to be little worry to me. It was almost fun.

Then there was the Math.

I don’d mind math. However, what I recall of the SATs (or at least studying for them), was a huge amount of geometry, which I absolutely care nothing for, nor can I remember. Sure enough, as I began the SAT practice test, it asked if a triangle had two sides at the length of 5 and 6, what could their possible parameter be?

The only thing that came to mind was how a squared plus b squared equals c squared – which clearly wasn’t it – since the square root of the sum of a squared and be squared was not a whole number, and all my options were whole numbers (25+36=61, square root of 61=7.8102496…). I got nothing. Well, not so – I took a swing at it and guessed right, but there was no logic behind it. Perhaps an eenie meanie minie mo, but that was about as calculated as it got.

So that’s something I have to work on. I think I should be alright. Though, just in case, I did email them to find out when another available time to take the test might be, so that I have options, any way. It was late last night east coast time, so I’m sure I’ll hear from them later today.

This weekend I get to interact with representatives from Columbia University, next weekend, it’s Durham University.


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