5 Things All College Students Obsess Over Even Though They Don’t Need To

I love this. I definitely obsess over having the best grades (though I am in community college trying to transfer to a good University), and I can see how once again, social media is ruining us (#3). This is a great read.

Thought Catalog

via Flickr - Ashley Campbellvia Flickr – Ashley Campbell

College is a time for exploring, for searching, and for making decisions: good and bad ones. Unfortunately, there are some things that we spend way too much time stressing about. Here are five of them:

1. Finding True Love

It seems that from the very moment we step onto campus we can become obsessed with finding “the one”. We look in our classes, we look across college green spaces, and we look while half drunk at some nasty house party. We desperately download Tinder or Grindr or Okcupid and orchestrate a search of such a scale that could only be comparable to a full-fledged police manhunt.

And sometimes we think we’ve found it. We might actually find a sentient-being willing to spend time with us — with a pulse and everything! Then we give it a few days, realize he is a douche, or stumble…

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