A Less on on Financial Aid

I’ve been freaking out a little bit the last couple of weeks–not just because of finals, but because I discovered that I don’t have enough Financial Aid to cover the next quarter (spring quarter). As it stands, I think I’ll be owing about $300 towards tuition, and I still need to get books on top of it.

There are of course ways around the book issue – things I’ve gone over in the past such as doing homework in the library, buddying up with a class-mate, or trying to find a free download of it online. I’m not too terribly worried about the book situation since none of them seem to be text books proper (except my French book, but it’s the same one I’ve been using all year), and thus aren’t insanely expensive.

Since I found out that I wasn’t going to have enough to cover my classes, I made the game plan to throw it all on a credit card and have been applying for scholarships to pay it back. Whether or not it will work, I have no idea, but at least I can say that I have tried.

I finally stopped in to the Financial Aid office to find out just why I didn’t have enough. They said that I had maxed out on what I could get from FAFSA that wasn’t a student loan. I asked if it was because I was working in the Writing Center and was getting paid via Work Study. They told me that wasn’t the case either. In fact, it was that I had gone to school full-time during the summer quarter.

Now listen up, this is important: FAFSA expects you to take summer quarter off. So when you decide that you do want to go to school during the summer so it doesn’t take you as long to get through school, they take from your grants at the end of the school year – spring quarter.

The moral of the story is if you want to go to school during summer quarter, apply for scholarships to cover the last quarter of the year earlier.


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