My grades for the quarter are in. I wasn’t even going to look at them, and I’m still rather offended. I thought I had done well enough on that paper re-write to warrant at least an A-, or maybe even a B+. Nope. I got a B.

That left me with a 3.83 for the quarter, and lowered my overall GPA to a 3.95. I’m so offended. I worked so hard on that re-write, and she didn’t even email me after reading it to tell me what she thought so that I could at least be prepared for it.

a 3.95. I’m sickened.


One thought on “Dissapointment

  1. You’re being sarcastic, right? If it’s 3.95 out of 4, that’s the top 98%, leaving a failing of 2%.

    I guess you could always major in a math or science. In the sciences, your grade is less subjective. They mainly only care if you get the answer correct, which is predictable and logical (usually a set of numbers).


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