Podcasting Start-up Woes

Well! This could just be me being ignorant to the ways of podcasting, but as it seems, I, nor any one else, seems to be able to listen to my podcast!

So, for those of you interested in starting your own podcast and wanting to know the problems I’m having – it’s with PodOmatic.com

I have two screens that I have found that should, in theory, allow me – or any one else – to listen to the podcast.

podOmatic1 podOmatic2








I have clicked on everything I can think to click on – and I can’t figure it out! If any one has any ideas, you should let me know! I tried logged into my account, and logged out. My mother tried on her own computer, which runs Windows XP, while mine is run on Windows 8.1. We have tried it on Firefox and Chrome. I even had someone not even in the same town give it ago. No bueno so far.

I sent a request to fix the problem, and got an automatically generated email, as is to be expected. However, as I read it, it went on to inform me:

“we cannot guarantee support to our BASIC members, but we do try our best to read and respond to as many as possible.”

I’m a “basic” member since I’m just trying this all out. I’m glad to know where I rank.

So! at this point, PodOmatic does not have my vote!


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