Beginning of the Cycle

I begin again Spring quarter. This is the second time. The circle has come fully around, and it is time to start the next layer of the spiral. It’s interesting how different I view the classes, how different my attitude is than when I started a year ago.

Today I got up early because I needed time to take a shower and get my stuff together. I met with a friend last night and had some wine. I went to sleep at 11. I have no brain food in my cupboard at the moment, only cereal. Instead of trying to mentally prepare myself, I’ve put on an episode of Tudors and am writing my blog entry.

Granted, my living situation is drastically different and something I never thought it would be from this time last year as well. Perhaps this has altered my professionalism toward school.

However, that being said, I still am putting forth a great deal of energy toward it. I still strive for straight A’s (last quarter’s blip in my first honors class eagerly to be forgotten, but needing to be learned from), I work at the college, and I’ll be involved in a club starting this quarter – more on that later when more has been officiated.

My focus is still within my studies, though my morning preparation and testing preparation zest has waned, and I find myself just lumbering through. I’m hoping my lull in enthusiasm is just due to the winter months, and that with the blooming of spring, I’ll have a bit more pep in my academic step.

That being said, this quarter I am quite excited for my classes. I only have classes Monday through Thrusday, and only one early class (which begins this morning, which is why I’m up at five this morning). I have Northwest Ethnobotany–a course whose books are beautiful field guides of edible plants of the Pacific Northwest. From my understanding, we go for walks and explore what Native Americans foraged and prepared. For that, I will happily go to class at 8 a.m. I also have my first IDS class–a genre of classes I wish I had discovered sooner. This particular class is Gender Sciences in Literature, and taught by the philosophy teacher, who I’ve heard a great deal about. I’ve already read the first couple chapters of one of the books, Pythagoras’ Trousers, and simply based on that, I’m extremely excited about the class. The third class is French III, which I always enjoy.

Note – none of those classes are math, to my great pleasure.

This quarter should be quite good. I’m looking forward to it.


One thought on “Beginning of the Cycle

  1. I was hungry a lot in college (in my 20s). I later found out that it was because I ate too many carbohydrates and not enough protein.

    It wasn’t until my 30s that I discovered that fat was important too. Fat, to my surprise, is not evil, just misunderstood. Without fat, I may have energy but I don’t feel as cool and relaxed when it’s time to calm down for a moment.

    I now make sure I get an adequate supply of all the basic nutrients in every meal, and I find I have a tremendous amount of energy and can go hours without getting tired or feeling hungry. I think combining nutrients into a single meal helps too, because they complement each other.

    (I also find I don’t feel right if I don’t eat a green vegetable in every meal. I mean, I tried meals without then, and I literally don’t feel as good. My mom’s advice when I was a kid was right about this.)


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