A WordPress Lament, for a moment

I’m long over due for an update. I have to say, I haven’t written in a while simply because I don’t like the layout of the new blog post screen. My typing space is small, and I don’t know how to make the box the size it used to be other than to make it take up the whole screen. I used to have my settings on the “classic” style, or whatever it was before or around the time I started blogging. However, they’ve taken that option away, and now Iwordpress lament can only see four lines of my writing at a time. I, for some reason, find it quite distracting. The very small yet keen eye for design dwelling somewhere in me says that it makes little sense for the text box size to fail to match the length of the left sidebar.

What’s more, it makes it quite difficult when trying to arrange the layout of my own entry when I want to add a picture or video or whatever else to my post. Trying to position that there picture took far longer than it should.

This is my formal complaint. This layout distracts me from my ability to write (as writers’ minds often do wander), and inhibits my ability to create a charming post.

Does anyone else have similar qualms?


One thought on “A WordPress Lament, for a moment

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