Done Working For Someone Else’s Goals

So as I recently announced (or perhaps didn’t announce, but wrote the post and never published it), I was made Vice President of the Creative Videography Club. I agreed to this last quarter, and have just been waiting to sign the paper work.

A man came in looking for me in the Writing Center, saying someone had suggested that he get me to joint he club based on the things I’d made for school. I told him no. How could I say yes? After all, the whole reason I started school initially was because I didn’t want to do video production like my boyfriend at the time wanted.

“That sounds to me like a yes,” he said, after I explained to him my history.

“It’s a no, but thank you,” I replied.

Eventually I agreed to do it, and finally, after weeks of him telling me he needed to bring me the paper work to sign, I signed it.

And a week later I quit.

I think that video production needs to be a hobby and not anything more. The minute I have to do it is the minute I want to trash my computer. It brings me too close to things with Think Piece Productions, and I don’t like being there. Not after I put in all the hard work that I did only to have my share of the company taken away because I wanted a break. Not after working tireless nights driving to and from Seattle to film a band for $50, none of which was payment for me. Not after my time and work being taken advantage of as it was.

No, I’m not healed enough from that experience, and I have. I to focus on my thing, not someone else’s goal. Video production has never been my passion. I enjoy it as a hobby, and I think it should be left at that.


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