Trying to Use Wattpad as a Tool

I realized that I’m not writing like I should be. It’s ironic really, doing all this work so that I can get into a good school to be able to get my foot through the door of a publishing agency–and I’m for the most part neglecting my writing.

Last quarter I only wrote one essay–well, two if you count the re-write I had to do due to my Humanities teacher. This quarter I haven’t had to write anything aside from reflection on movies for my Gender, Science, and Literature class. Though, I suppose, that being said, I did create a video, though it was a collaboration of writing between a coworker and I–well, she wrote most of it.

The fact remains, that I’ve been neglecting the side I most strongly associate with being me.

So to push myself, I’m putting what I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2014 up on Wattpad. It’s for the most part unedited, so if you read it, critique easily. There’s a good chance I know the problems, I just haven’t gotten to fix them.

I’m doing this to essentially light a fire under my ass to write more, edit more, and pay attention to what I love doing. I’m hoping that being more involved with the writing community will help me to accomplish this.

With that being said, feel free to follow this link to The Usual, my 2014 attempt at National Novel Writing Month.

P.S. In reference to my blogging gripe the other day, WordPress seems to have fixed the problem. Hurrah! I can now write in a box larger that four lines (I know you all were just itching to know!)


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