Early Morning Blues

I’ve been up since 3am and I feel great!

Ok, that’s a very partial truth. In this moment, in my second cup of tea, I feel well enough to ignore the settling sleepiness that’s encapsulating my brain and eyeballs, well enough to want to write at least, and well enough to pretend I’m going to be able to pass this Shrub Quiz in a couple of hours.

I’m finally remembering why the idea of an 8am class was so bothersome to me. It’s not that I have to get up early–I happily do that any way. But I feel like through my getting-up-earliness, I’m still not able to adjust to the day, be used to being out of the house and part of the world before I have to be alert and actually participate in it. This is especially so with a lack of car. The bus that runs early enough to get me to my first class on time goes by my house at 6:50, and with only a seven(ish) minute break, I’m arriving at the college 5 minutes to 30 seconds before the class starts. I find this bothersome.

As a result, I find myself waking earlier and earlier to get a grip on things. I can’t study or do homework in the evening. By the time 3 or 4 in the afternoon hits, I’m done. My brain is ready to stop braining. So, I get up early in the morning to compensate. It works well, for the most part, but the earlier I get up, the earlier in the afternoon my brain begins to fail.

Another component to that is that I can no longer have coffee. I’m not sure how it all works out, but I’ve noticed since the car wreck that every time I have coffee or wheat I get the most horrendous cramps. I’ve stopped consuming these two things and it’s worked a treat. Perhaps it’s a matter of the two always being an irritant to my body, but the wreck was just the straw that broke the camel’s back. Either way, I survive on rice and tea now, which is fine by me. Rice is cheaper and I use less sugar in tea. However, on days like today, the amount that I could do with a triple-quad shot mocha is immense.

How do you deal with the early mornings where you just can’t quite seem to get up and going? What about early work schedules or classes?


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