My (Kind of) Two Awards!

There are some pretty awesome–and stressful–things going on for me at this point.

I’m just finishing up an application for a grant to go to the National Conference of Peer Tutors of Writing, after having already sent in the presentation proposal that my (potentialy) co-presenter and I created. I’ve never applied for a grant before, aside from through Financial Aid (I suppose that might count). It’s a little nerve-wracking, and a bit demanding as well. There is a nine page fourm I have to fill out as well as write a cover letter and an essay. I also have to come up with a prompt for next year’s travel grant application as well. I’m hoping that last part is a parcipation thing, and not something they are planning on taking into consideration when contemplating whether or not I’m worth funding. PTK chords

Thought, aside from that, this last week I was able to get my chords for being a Phi Theta Kappa member. I’m proud to have them, though there are a lot of really wonderfully supportive people that are making this way bigger of a deal than it needs to be. I got a great many congratulations for the chords. Part of the reason why I’m not jumping with excitement is because I know that I paid for the chords, or rather, the memebership. However, I suppose that the exciting this is that one has to get a GPA above a 3.5 (I can’t remember exactly, it might not be that high) in order to be asked to join. I suppose, in that regard, coming from the background of a piss-poor student, it is rather an achievement, and one I shouldn’t be so….blah–for lack of a better term–about. 

These chords will contribute to my graduation bling, something I can walk down the isle at the end of fall quarter and know that to some extent, I earned them. Part of me wants to poke my high school sell and wave it in her face. She would probably have no belief that this would be accomplished.

There was a ceremony to get these chords, which, again, I thought was unnecessary. It was an induction ceremony for all memebers of PTK that regeistered this 2014/2015 school year. People invited their friends and family in hoards. My mom came, which was nice, though the only reason she knew about it was because I asked for a ride home. She insisted that she be present for the whole thing. It was nice.

However! However! I do have a ceremony that I am quite excited about. now that I’ve had the official email, I feel that I can write about it:


I was actually informed of this on a day when I was not feeling aweomse. I was running on four hours of sleep and was pretty certain I wasn’t smelling the greatest either. When my boss came up to me and said, “Can I tell you something?” I was fairly certain that something was that I needed to go home and take a shower.

But instead she proceeded to tell me about how each year each department selects a student to win an award. The English department at Whatcom Community College chose me for this year! She said that several faculty nominated me, which really surprised me since I haven’t been in a writing intensive class since Fall quarter. I later found out that one of the faculty was even my journalism teacher from my very first quarter, a year ago! That truely shocked me, since I had such a difficult time in that class.

So on June 11th, I get to be presented with an award and have teachers say nice things about me. I’m rather excited!