In Other Adult News…

I have to say, the last week I’ve been rather proud of myself. I managed to get myself a car (well, ok, I had some amazing donations from strangers, and some even more amazing donations from some special surround people, including my parents) – which I’m kind of in love with. For only a grand, Gus (it’s name is Gus Landavaticus) is kind of amazing and perfect for me. I never knew I could love a car so much. Being a 1998 VW Golf, it is the newest care I have ever owned. Never owned a car that was made this millennium.

Sunday, I finished the last of my French homework. No more until there’s more! Hurrah! Ok, I suppose this would count as no more French homework at the community college. I keep going back and forth as to whether or not I want to do the first quarter of year 2 French, but I don’t know that I can hack the stress of it. I love the students I’ve gotten to know over the last three quarters, and I adore my French teachers (she’s pretty amazing), but I don’t know that I can justify spending money on a book and workbook designed to last me a whole year and only use it for a quarter. And it’s just stressful.

Yesterday I crossed off everything on my to-do list. I was quite proud of myself. I got my sign-off to register for my honors class during the fall quarter, I turned in the sheet, I got the sign-off to graduate at the end of fall quarter with honors, I (kind of) started my IDS paper, I found two articles for my other class – and just for my own personal extra credit, I even ordered all my books for one of my classes over summer quarter.

Today my list includes cashing my pay check and paying my remaining four bills for the month, buying groceries (been needing that for a while), and studying for my two final tests…and writing my four – count ’em four – papers.

Look at me adulting all over the place!

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