Five down, two to go

Here it is, I’m winding up my fifth quarter as a college student. Well, I say I’m “winding” it up, but really I’m procrastinating all the crap I still have left to do by Sunday morning. But to continue with the idea that I’m a responsible college student and adult, we’ll go with “winding up”.

It’s been nice not having to worry about math any more. It’s weird how I’ve had four classes but it hasn’t seemed like it. As I started writing this, I was struggling to come up with just which classes I have been taking the last couple of months.

My IDS class (Gender, Science and Literature), wasn’t quite what I was hoping for. It had some interesting content, though as a whole I felt like it could have been more brain-picking. We watched more movies in that class than I have watched in the last 12 months on my own free time. However, some of them were really good, and some of them were so good they had a fairly negative effect on me. However, that negative effect turned into a positive result–or at least, I think it’s positive. It’s turned me toward a personal project I’m working on during the summer, one that I hope will become something bigger for me, though I’m not really sure I’m ready to discuss it.

I have discovered that I have an absolute love-hate relationship with French. When I get it, I love it. When I don’t get it, and we have class every day (which makes sense, it really should be every day), I feel too stressed out to be able to absorb it. As a result, I’ve resolved that I don’t want to do another French class until I know that I have less classes to deal with, and more time to point in its direction. I had part I of my finals today, tomorrow is part II. I’m not feeling too confident, for all that I studied relentlessly. Hopefully I can keep the A I’ve somehow managed to have all year.

As it would turn out, all the next two quarters, I only have two more required classes, and all the rest are electives. I don’t really know what to do with them. All the classes I’m interested in are English classes, and I’ve been advised (perhaps quite wisely), not to fill up my schedule with writing-intensive classes. So, over the summer, online, I will be doing Nutrition, Introduction to Philosophy, and Introduction to World Literature. These classes are all online, which will hopefully prove to be a positive experience. Meanwhile, for Fall quarter I have enrolled in an Honors English class, another IDS class (Religion, Sociology, and the Conscious Self), Introduction to World Religion (another philosophy class) and English 202 (which is online).

The good news about that insane work load….I’LL BE DONE! As soon as I finish all that malarkey during fall quarter, I will graduate.

It’s what I keep telling myself: two more quarters and then I can have a nine month break. Two more quarters…


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