National Conference of Peer Tutors in Writing – I’m Presenting!

A while ago I might have mentioned that I was working with another staff in the writing center on creating a presentation for the national Conference of Peer Tutors in Writing, this November in Salt Lake City. We submitted our proposal at the end of May. Since it’s on the idea of multi-modality, we created a multi-modal presentation:

I am extremely excited to say that we were accepted! So, come November, I’ll be getting up in front of a bunch of people to raise questions regarding the role of Writing Center staff with multi-modal pieces of work.

This is something huge for me. I’ve been working with my boss all this morning on how to approach the college for funding. I applied for funding from the conference, however, was only able go get $150 from the Travel Grant committee. Registration alone for the conference was $120, and apparently, because I’ll need a projector for my presentation, it’ll be another $20. I still have flights and hotel to consider, as well as food.

Oh well, those worries are for another, closer day. For now, I am happy for this opportunity to meet with people from Writing Centers across the country, and for this amazing (though terrifying) experience to talk about the future of Writing Centers.


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