Believe It When You See It

It was a friend of mine who brought to my attention how little time I’ve spent on this blog over the last year. Actually, it was two of my friends, in separate circumstances, though I don’t think that either of them realized that they were having any influence over me in those moments.

It’s in part that I have been busy – after all, I thrive off stress, I eat it like there’s no tomorrow. But really, the heart of it is that since Toby and I split up last summer, I haven’t really had it in me to write. Sad are the days when a former significant other can still hold influence over one’s creative outlet, even when a year has passed.

I keep saying that as soon as I’m on break, I’ll write more – I’ll do this, I’ll do that. But usually I’m just recovering from the stress I put on myself during the quarter. Last quarter’s finale was particularly stressful due to a few changes that came to light within the final 36 hours of my course.

This quarter, I’ve managed quite a bit better. I’ve found myself content with the online work load, so much so that I’m considering moving as many classes as I can next quarter to being online. As soon as i was able to figure out how to divide all my classes and assignments into days, instead of allowing them to all be done on the day they’re due (everything is always due on Friday, and it threw me for a loop the first few weeks), my life got easier.

Part of this too is that I have regular work hours in the Writing Center. most quarters I work different hours every day, and the adjustment from day to day was somewhat exhausting. But because I’m just working 10-2 every day, the consistency is good for my productivity. That being said, I did pick up a few hours as a Teacher’s Assistant, though that can be left for another blog entry.

I think in the last year, I’ve written more entries regarding how I’ve neglected my blog than anything useful. I would say that I intend on resolving that, making it better, and being a better blogger, but you, I’m sure, dear reader, if you haven’t already given up on this, will believe it when you see it.


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