Books to Read

I am nearly a full week into my four-week-break from school, and already kind of bored. I have the great fortune of getting to house sit for a friend of mine who lives down town, which is nice. Though I can only watch so much Netflix before I turn into the couch itself (by the way, I’m currently wathing the Netflix version of Borgia and it’s awesome). 

So I set the goal to read. After all, reading is part of the reason why I wanted to be an English major – I wasn’t reading nearly as muh as I used to. However, the last book I read that didn’t involve me being graded was The Exorsist, which I read this time last year over the break. 

After being introduced to some Russian literature during my World Literature class, I have decided I would like to read War and Peace by Tolstoy, a copy of which I have yet to acquire. In the mean time, my mom recommended a really meaty book that I’ve so far really been enjoying by Ken Follett called The Fall of Men, the first book of The Century series. It’s proving so far to be really interesting, taking place at the beginning of World War I, watching a mining family in South Wales, the earl and his sister that own the mine, a German foreign affairs officer, two Russian brothers trying to escape the tyrany of the tsar, as well as an American Law student in DC. It’s a really wonderful book and I’m so far only a few chapters in.  It’s presenting to me the kind of literature I can only hope to write. 

My goal is to complete these wo lengthy books by the end of the break, and hopefully get myself stuck into the second book of the series as well. 

If anyone has some reading recommendations, I would absolutely love to hear them. .


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