Starting Personal Statements (A Rant)

The time has officially come where I need t begin writing my Personal Statements for Universities – at least, the ones in the U.K.. The deadline for them is the first of October (I think, or therabouts), and thus I have to write a generic personal essay which will hopefully sell the schools in Britain n my intellectual awesomness and worthiness to be apart of their academic establishment. 
I’ve been dreading writing my personal statements – and for many reasons. Other than the fact that it’s me, trying to summerize why I should be picked to fill their halls for the next four years in 500 words or less, there’s an element of ass-kissing. When a university’s essay promt also wants the student to explain why they chose that particular university – it’s ass-kissing. Well…there is the other element of they want to see that you’ve actually looked into what they have to offer, and looked into their extra-curricular activities on campus as well, and that you’ll be involved in them – but other than that it’s just cheek smooching. 
Currently, I’m on page three (hand-written, mind you, not typed. Let’s not get too excited) writingn about my background and why my experiences over the last ten years have produced a mature and eager student with not only capacity to learn, but wisdom gained from my experiences to help other students as well….sounds a bit up myself, but THAT’S WHY I HATE WRITING ABOUT MYSELF! Where on earth is the line drawn? Where do I shade modesty with worthiness? How on earth do I sell myself while refraining to look pompus? 

So four thousand words later, I am trying to pick out the key points that should go toward my 500-word-allowance. Joy. 


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