Following Up

Today was the day to try and figure out how to get my car into the VW shop on the far north side of town. Thankfully, at the moment, I’m house sitting for a friend, and her how is right in the middle of town, and ironically, surrouned by mechanics – literally, one on every side. However, being that my car is a Golf, I was under the impression (because let’s face it, I really know nothing about cars and getting them fixed) that I needed to take the car to a VW specialist. 

So my mom, being the helpful individual she is, stopped by on her break, and we were going to have her call AAA to have them tow it to this shop that was probably just on the verge of the five mile allowance she had. I had a friend of a friend that worked there, and my friend told me to give his friend a call before I went out there, because he would sort me out fairly cheap. I called him, though wasn’t able to get any details for him as he couldn’t talk in that moment, but he woudl call me back. 

My mom arrived, and we basically just had time to sit, and wait for the call back. We decided while we did so, we could visit the mechanics that were directly behind the house I’m house sitting – one of which was there when we were unloading my car yesterday and gave me some good advice as to what was wrong with it – and even how I could fix it (though I’m far too car illiterate to actually do that). We got in, and he said “Was my advice not enough to solve your problem yesterday?” I was quite happy to hand over my keys to him. 

Turns out, they were “hippie VW” specialists (his words) which expanded to Asian cars as well. But they knew what they were doing, and what’s more, my mom remembered them and had heard really good things about them, which increased my vote of confidence. 

So, fingers crossed, it won’t cost my upwards of a grand to get sorted. 

This really has been the year of bad car luck. But in all fairness, both incidents really could hace been far, far worse than they were. And again, I am lucky to have the helpful people around me that I do, and I am grateful to all the strangers that offered their help to me along the way. 


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