The Self Becoming [Smug] – First run at publishing

noisy waterToday I begin something I have only dreamed of experiencing, though on a smaller scale than what I’d like. The other day I received an email from Whatcom Community College’s online magazine publisher stating that they wanted to publish one of my essays that I submitted to them in the 2015 edition of the Noisy Water Review! I’m
extremely excited, though I’m trying not to allow myself to become too elated (it is just a community college publication, but still, publication nonetheless).

one-upThere is a huge one-up in this as well. The essay that was submitted is also the one that was submitted to the teacher I butted heads with during winter quarter, that questioned whether or not I had “ever even written an essay” and told me not to go to the people in the Writing Center because they don’t know what they’re doing. So there is a very definitive air of smug about me in regards to this selection.

Because I’ve been house sitting, and my laptop has died on me (the one I just got in December, brand new), and my car has died on me (It’s still in the shop waiting for me to figure out how to get $1300 to repair it), I have been without computer access aside from my phone for a couple of weeks now. This evening I decided to spend the evening at home, and have a look at the revisions being required of me.

All the suggestions I completely agree with. Some of it is formatting, some of it is need for further explanation, and some of it is need for clarification. I wrote the 11 page (single-spaced) essay in ten hours, completely throwing away all prior research I had done for my essay before, and starting from scratch. I wrote it for a very particular teacher in mind that disagreed with the way I formatted my essays – which is to use headers to let the reader know when I’m switching gears. This will allow me to go back through and do with it what I initially wanted to do.

What’s more! This will also give me the opportunity to see how the real publication process is done. I’m comfortable working with Whatcom and their students/staff, and so it’s not as intimidating as a publication company with whom I’ve never interacted. As a result, I can see this as a far more relaxed means of the publication process, which will hopefully give me more gumption to submit other pieces of work to other companies in the future.


6 thoughts on “The Self Becoming [Smug] – First run at publishing

    • Thank you! I have a hard time getting my confidence up in regards to my writing because I’ve only had friends and family read it, and they’re all very nice people…which causes me to distrust what they say when reviewing my work 🙂

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