First University Applications Submitted!

Welp, the next step into making me a professional has been cast. I have completed and submitted my first university applications (in case you couldn’t tell by this post title). 

I applied to the University programs in the UK. Steps on how that was done to follow. But for the moment, a reflection. 

University applications for the UK (for international studnets) are due in October. I won’t lie, I can’t particularly recall when in October, so I set myself a completion time of September 30th. I had to contact some teacchers of mine that have move out of state as well as keep a correspondence with my Worl and British Literature instructor over the summer. I wrote my first personal statement (which, oddly enough, could only be 4,000 characters), which proved to be difficult as well (see a couple posts back). 

It’s nerve-wracking sending off the first applications. It solidifies that in a year, my life will be completely different. In a year, I will have moved out of my home town (not for the first time), leaving everything behind, and onto something completely different. I’ve never lived in England (only in my familiar stomping grounds of North Wales), I’ve never not lived on a west coast, I’ve never been to a west coast, and I’ve never lived in a dorm. 

And as I hit submit, and agreed to the charges of the application, I was struck with how real it all is. I am actually doing this. This is real.


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