The Last Quarter at WCC

Today is the first day of my last quarter at Whatcom Community College. It’s kind of silly how quickly this has gone. I feel like it was only a couple months ago that I was starting my first quarter. It’s insane how much has changed in the last 18 months.

While I am taking four classes, I’m hoping that it shouldn’t be too terribly stressful. I’ve got two classes, back to back, with the same teacher, and both of them philosophy classes (Critical Thinking and Introduction to World Religions). I had the teacher for my Gender, Science and Literature class during spring quarter, and while he’s got a loud bark at the beginning of the quarter, he’s pretty relaxed. I’m also taking another Interdisciplinary Studies class (IDS) this quarter that sounds quite interesting: Society, Religion, and Self Concept. My final class is only once a week on Fridays, and is an honors class. It’s an English class, focusing intensely on writing, which sounds right up my ally.

I’m looking forward to the classes individually, though I’m worried about the actual amount of time I have to give. I’ll be doing this, working 11 hours a week in the writing center (plus weekend online responding), and working the farmers markets on the weekend. I’m anticipating the next time I get two days off in a row being Thanksgiving…unless you want to count the Writing Center conference, which is two weeks before that.

Two and a half months. I just have to hold off for two and a half months and then I can get a break from school for the following nine months.


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