For work at the Writing Center, our boss wanted us to go to the Personal Statement workshop – which makes perfect sense, seeing as we see tons of them every quarter. Personal statements, for those who aren’t sure, are the essays students have to write when trying to get into a University. 

A lot of it I already knew. However, the presenter said something which suddenly made me doubt myself. Not so much my role in the Writing Center, but my own personal essay I submitted to the UK schools. 

I’ve been so confident that I will get into one of those school, even if I don’t get into the U.S. Schools, that it never occurred to me that Iight actually not be good enough to get into any school. Or, perhaps I am, but my essay wasn’t up to snuff (though in all fairness, it’s one essay going to five different schools and programs that only allowed for 4,000 characters). What if I don’t get into any school at all?

It’s a possibility I didn’t even consider considering. That’s arrogance. And something that could potentially harm my future plans. It’s a terrifying thought. 


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