All Over The Place–Making My Blog More Prolific

This quarter is going to be rough, but at the same time, fairly simply. I’m taking four classes, all of which are proving to be reading and writing intensive. However, two of them are Philosophy classes (Critical Thinking and Introduction to World Religion, both taught by the same professor – who I had during Spring quarter in my Gender, Science and Literature class – and one of my classes is an IDS class called Religion, Society and Self, and my fourth is an honors English class. Really, I have a quarter filled with analysis which simply involves philosophical thinking.

However, after hearing essentially the same lecture each day from my professor who teaches the same class, though in different contexts, I have realized something not only about myself, but about this blog: there is more to this that I am giving credit to.

My instructor for the two classes, Watters, is filled with little applicable sayings. Granted, due to the nature of his classes, he ought to be. However, a few of them are allowing me to connect some dots, allowing me to realize how much every aspect of my experience is intertwined and contributing not just to the me, but to the we.

Watters made mention of this, though didn’t go into as much detail during my Gender, Science and Literature class from a couple quarters ago. This time, he actually explained it in full. He called himself out on the main critique many students and faculty have about him – something that I have heard from co-workers in the Writing Center as well.

He cleared the whiteboard, grabbing a pen at random and began throwing up random dots all along the blank slate.

“People say I’m all over the place.” He put more dots on the board, scattering them vastly. “I’m here, and over here – no one knows what this point over here is – and then I’m way over here, and there–” more dots. He turned to us. “I’m all over the place. But what is the key word here?” He eyed us, challenging the answer. “The. And what does the associate with? Place. I’m all over the place. How many places is it? One.” He paused, in his classic way of allowing us to digest this. “If you stand far enough back, all of these points come together and become one point.”

And thus, I wish to rename my blog.

I am not just the student–or rather, I am a student (as should you be), but I’m not just the individual currently enrolled in the American educational system. I am a thinker, I am a being curious in the workings of reality, material and metaphysical, known and unknown. All these things contribute to that which is me.

The idea that is presented by Thomas Berry in the movie The Great Story is the idea that one is all. if there is truly one deity, this deity is limitless. If this deity created the universe, and did so in its image, then that is the universe. We as humans cannot be its image, because we are limited. Thus, everything in creation holds and aspect of this deity, and where one thing ends, another begins. The Universe is limitless, as we understand it.

Let us consider this as a plausible theory. If this is so, and I am an aspect of this deity–just as you are, the banana you ate for breakfast, the computer you’re typing on, and the socks you discarded after stepping in a puddle and soaking them–then why should I limit myself–or this blog–to one definition?

I’ve been finding myself struggling to write. I do want to write, I do want to blog, and over the last year – particularly after Toby and I split up, I’ve struggled to know what to write about. I have defined this blog as my journey through higher education, and that which contributes to it. So I write about how I survive–working with goat cheese and as a tutor–as a student, and what I learn as a generic student. But there is so much more to the experience. I want to write about the science articles I come across on break that are simply something interesting to consider. I want to talk about the change of the seasons and how they contribute to my belief system. I want to talk about the zealots down town that picket the farmers market and tell us we’re all burning in Hell. I want to talk about compassion, stationary (I have a very odd passion for stationary), what I do to keep warm instead of wearing socks, the vegan Thanksgiving I enjoyed, and so on.

This needs to be more than simply the student experience as one might initially consider. This needs to be the human experience, since we are all students of life–and if we’re denying that to ourselves, then we ought to just jump ship because what’s the point?

So, I have decided to rename the blog (if I can figure out how) to All Over the Place. This is in part in tribute to my instructor who talks in circles, repeating the same thing over and over, and bringing us to different understandings each time; an in part because I simply am all over the place, and I just can’t limit myself any longer.


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