Most Academic Act: Asking for Funding

Since starting my career as a student, I have read articles and blog regarding what it means to be an academic. I have followed Facebook groups and pages (my personal favorite at the moment is Shit Academics Say), found pinboards on Pinterest and followed tweets on Twitter.

Today, I think, I graduate into becoming an academic. Not because I’ve completed my degree, or because I have a paper being published, nor because I’m about to move onto University. Today I get to beg for funding.

The one common characteristic I have found in all my research between definitions of academics: requesting funding. Funding for a research project, funding to write a book, finish a paper–and so on. However, my request for funding is for my own adventure to give my first talk at a conference.

Today, through my sniffles and coughs, through the croak of my voice and sleeplessness of the night from the inability to breathe–today I get to get in front of the student senate, and tell them why it is absolutely worth it to send a member of faculty along with myself to Salt Lake City to the National Conference of Peer Tutors in Writing in a month and five days, and tell them how my idea of discussing the role of Writing Centers in multimodal composition will better students at Whatcom Community College.

And oh yes, you better believe I ran through that speech a couple times in the shower while I tried to drain my sinuses. I’m nervous, excited, and scared. Because it is the beginning of the school year, some of the senate members are new, and not certain how to handle the amount of money that we’re requesting. To be fair, it’s a ridiculously expensive conference. I have an early-bird student rate, and it’s still costing me $120 to go, and a hundred dollars more for Sherri (the faculty member accompanying me) to chaperon. The hotel rooms cost $120 a night, never mind the flights which are looking at about $300-$400 right now. So yeah, For just me to go, the grand total of the cost is $880, which doesn’t include food (though there are some meals provided at the event, so it’s only a meal here and there.

If this falls through, be prepared for me to spam my blog with a Go Fund Me fundraiser.

In the mean time, watch the video on my proposal, see the importance of what I’m doing (and if you have questions, I have answers), and wish me luck!


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