My Future is in Their Hands

Slowly, ever so slowly…I’m beginning to get confirmation of receipt of my applications to my UK school. This isn’t saying j got into the program, but just that they’ve gotten to it.

So far I’ve heard from University of Exeter and University of York.

I did just receive and email from New Castle as well, from an actual person, requesting more information about my SAT’s and my high school transcript (I don’t think they looked at my age when she sent least I hope that’s the case. I’d really love to not show those things).

I’ve been some what blasé about the confirmation emails, though I realized moments ago that they are looking at my application, reading my words and deciding my future. Real people are processing my application, real people are deciding if I’m good enough for their program, their establishment. Some one right now is deciding on the next BIG plane ticket I buy, the job I have a year from now, the accommodation I live in, the books I buy, the people I meet.

Everything I can expect next year is being decided upon now.

It’s a rather terrifying realization.


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