Studying Critical Thinking is Critically Making Me Think

After a very long day at the farmer’s market today in the high wind and heavy rain, I got home and decided not to waste too much time faffing about, but instead to jump straight into homework  mode. I didn’t get a thing done on my one day off yesterday because I was too sick (it’s a toss-up whether it was due to over indulgence or the flu–both are equally likely (though in true Animal Farm fashion, some are more equally likely than others), so I am playing catch-up today and tomorrow.

I have a take-home quiz due for my Critical Thinking class. My book still hasn’t arrived, which is driving me crazy (I did pay for next day delivery three weeks ago), however, Google Books was kind enough to put up a preview of the Critical Thinking for College Students which includes all but the last two chapters.

I really do like the text book. It’s easy and fun to read, and makes a lot of sense. I just finished reading about the paradox of philosophy–or rather, the paradox of perception that philosophers constantly question: if all reality is perceived and perception is based on a person’s past and cultural experiences as well as our expectations, then how do we know that what we’re perceiving is actually real? The book uses the example of an apple, though in one of my English classes we examined this in terms of the Third Table, with which Graham Harman explains the perceived table and the actual table, and the merging of the two to get to the third table.

Any way, just reading this little section of the first chapter made my brain salivate. I really do love philosophy. My parents are not going to be pleased when I secretly change my major to it.


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