Sick, Presentation, and Talking to a Senator

This has been a rather hectic weekend–one which didn’t go anywhere near the way I had planned it.

I had intended to go to Seattle on Friday to meet up with the representative from Durham University that I met with in February. She emailed me a month or so ago, saying she would be in the area and would love to meet up if I had any more questions. I agreed, though as fate would have it, I was extremely sick on Friday. It wasn’t a cold or anything I could push through. It was turning-on-the-show-becoming-over-heated-before-I-could-get-in-it-and-laying-on-the-bathroom-floor-until-I-got-the-strength-to-turn-the-shower-off kind of sick. And oh yes, there was vomit.

That took up all of the Friday that we were gifted off by the college for a teacher work day (or something along those lines).

Thankfully, it was only a short term thing, I was fairly able to function by the evening, though far too late to get anything done. I worked all Saturday, in the blustery windy horrible day that it was at the Bellingham Farmer’s Market, trying desperately to keep my cheese from flying away (one of the smug bastards managed to get away from me, though I caught up to it), came home, worked on homework, and repeated the process on Sunday at the Everett Farmer’s Market.

This morning I continue my homework, having gotten up at 4 this morning to do so (an hour later than intended), and–oh yes! Did I mention that apparently I am to talk to a senator today, Senator Ericksen–a conservative representative of Whatcom County–about why he should allow Washington State to fund our $36.1 million Learning Commons? I was asked to do this on Thursday, with very little detail as to what exactly it is that I’m supposed to approach him about. I’m of course not alone in this, there are a couple other students that are talking with him as well. Then last night, somewhere around six o’ clock, I got the email from our funding director as to what it is we should have prepared. She apologized, saying she meant to send it Friday. Well, I suppose better 14 hours before we’re supposed to meet the guy than never.

So this morning, I am procrastinating, as all good academics do, by blogging. Really I should be researching William James, about whom I have to present today in one of my classes; typing up my lectio journal entry; finishing my take-home quiz; and preparing whatever it is I’m going to say to this politician. I have an hour and a half to get this done and take a shower to ready myself for the day.

…I suppose I should stop typing here and go type somewhere else.


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